Many years ago I read somewhere that NASA only used technology that was at least a decade old. The reasoning was that they already knew everything that was wrong with it and could document procedures on how to best leverage it in order to accomplish their goals. Fast forward to today where we live in the age of “planned obsolescence” and no one thinks twice when they have to upgrade their operating system / development frameworks / insert-your-favorite-Dilber-technology-here once a year. Looking back, I often wonder why there wasn’t revision 17 of UNIX? Or C, version 8? Or AWK / SED / LEXX / YACC (although, GNU did a great job updating them for the modern era)?

So, why not leverage proven technology to do modern day things? The example given below use antiquated tools that can still accomplish today’s must-have goals.

Current state of Technology Union:

  • HTML: Version 5
  • CSS: Version 3
  • JS: Version 1.8
  • Popular Web Frameworks: Angular, React, Ember, etc, etc, etc.

Technology used in the following examples:

  • HTML: Version 3/4
  • CSS: Version 2.1
  • JS: Version 1.2
  • Old stuff: jQuery 1.6.2 (note: jQuery is now up to version 3.1.1)

Pyramid Stack

Responsive Design w/ Support for Text-Only Browsers

The Objective:

Build a web page framework that supports antiquated browsers, as well as the ability to layer on new functionality for modern ones

The Result:

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