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wp-logoSenior Designer-Programmer / Information Architect, Media Lab

1996 – 2008

Tasked to evaluate emerging creative and technological ideas to ensure that their relevance and importance were recognized throughout the company. Responsible for identifying long-term threats and opportunities to the company’s businesses that resulted from technology and industry-driven change.

Social-Networking • Informational Graphics • Rich Media • Advertising

Site Redesign Advertising

Editorial Graphics

Informational Graphics

Interactive Graphics

Content Management System

Code Sample: Perl

Macromedia Dreamweaver 1.0 Review

Site Redesign Credits: Alan Turransky, Chuck Rose, Jeff Dionese, Juan Thomassie, Kevin Kepple

Chris Fruitrich
Former Deputy Editor, USA Today
Former Art and Production Director, Congressional Quarterly

“Without Alan, may not have enjoyed its early success in cyberspace. When the site launched in the mid-90s there were no roadmaps or examples to follow. Alan stepped up and in some cases single-handedly solved problems and made the life of those in all departments easier. Because of improvements Alan made, quickly grew to become the largest newspaper-linked website in the country (it’s not anymore).”

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