Washington Post

wp-logoSenior Designer-Programmer

1995 – 1997

Co-designed / implemented initial look, feel, and functionality of the original Washington Post web site. Other activities included creating in-house automation tools for the daily production of the site, as well as other tools to aid in the creation of dynamic multimedia content.

Interactive Design • Publishing Systems • Automation

Original Home Page

Content Management System


Code Sample: Applescript

Code Sample: Lingo

Original Home Page Credits: Alan Turransky, Chuck Rose, Paul Compton, et al.

Chuck Rose
Creative Director, National Cancer Institute
Former VP, Ballantine Digital Media
Former Director of Design, The Washington Post / USA TODAY

“Alan is an innovative problem solver, an excellent Information Architect and one of the best front- end developers in the business. I have worked with Alan since 1994 and can attest to the attention to detail and thoroughness of his work. Alan is also unflappable under pressure and looming deadlines. I would give anyone seeking his services my highest recommendation.”

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